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5 Forever Accessories You Should Own

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the very first Fashion Fox blog post. Every Tuesday night (Brisbane, Australia time) you can find a new blog about fashion, homewares, travel or mum life. Tonight let’s talk about accessories. I am so excited to share this post with you because looking back on thirteen years in fashion I notice that it’s the accessories that truly make an outfit. I love accessories because details, hardware and signature pieces add instant glam to an outfit. When we say a woman looks ‘stylish’ but we can’t quite put our finger on what exactly it is, you’ll find that it’s her accessories. Strong, carefully selected and placed accessories tie an outfit together, add continuity to our wardrobes, make us feel groomed and elegant and are a great way to exude style instantly without much effort.

"When we say a woman looks ‘stylish’ but we can’t quite put our finger on what exactly it is, you’ll find that it’s her accessories."

Throwing shade

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory in the whole world. Pick a pair that really defines your personality. I’ve done exactly this. My heart belongs to the L’Avengle Par Amour (‘Blind by Love’) sunglasses by GUCCI. This pair are crafted in Italy with a sumptuous metal alloy. I have a weakness for designer Italian sunglasses (and Italian men and Italian wine!). I put them on and no matter what the day or week throws at me I feel instantly chic and ready to take on the day. Have a confidence boosting pair that you are in love with. They will take every outfit to the next level and ensure you look amazing in every holiday photo.

My favourite signature Gucci sunglasses - I wear these everyday, to work, to school drop off, to Pilates etc. They make me feel glam in an instant no matter how busy I am that day.

If you like it, put a ring on it

I collect statement rings. These become your fashion identity. I’m often asked ‘how’ to go about selecting the right ring or rings to wear everyday. For me, I know it’s right when I feel immediately drawn to it. You’re looking for a statement ring that resonates with you. Even though this style is considered a high fashion ring, take my advice and start wearing them every single day. Women look at high fashion pieces or a beautiful dress that they love then think, “I love it but when will I wear it?” My answer is always the same. Today! Everyday! Life is too short to wait for events, put your rings on for after school pick up, wear them grocery shopping, seize the day.

The compliments will pour in, you’ll look down at your hands during the day or while you drive and smile at the stunning pieces glistening back up at you. It’s an instant mood booster. I have to confess that my statement everyday ring is also another GUCCI piece. I have the Double Wrap Ring with Tiger heads. I am obsessed with it because it features an emerald green Swarovski crystal wrapped in a stunning aged gold finish. My tip for finding your perfect forever ring would be to mix gold and silver, don’t be afraid to wear them together. A statement ring is a ring that you wouldn’t describe as ‘dainty’. It’s a ring that takes over your finger and every time you look at it, you love it.

Left to right: Gucci double wrap ring with tiger heads, Louis Vuitton clear resin monogram inclusion bangle bracelets, Louis Vuitton speedy pearls ring and the Louis Vuitton gold monogram ring.

Don’t Bang on about it

I wear two Louis Vuitton bangles (they are clear with gold embellishment) on my left hand every single day. These are the Clear Resin Monogram Inclusion Bangle Bracelets. I try to look for unique pieces by designer brands simply because they only make small quantities. This means that not everyone will have the same signature pieces as you. When your favourite jewellry isn’t mass produced it gives your look and outfit uniqueness.

The beauty of big prestigious brands mean incredible detail, long lasting quality (what I call a ‘forever piece’) and as I just mentioned limited stock. Sometimes we can find gorgeous statement jewelry on eBay, so always check just in case something stunning pops up for sale. You can find some really great statement jewelry on there that people either don’t commit to wearing regularly or don’t know how and when to wear them (that’s why they are selling it). My signature is that I like dress jewellry better. All the women who have diamonds see signature dress jewelry pieces on and love it.

Belt it out

If in doubt, add a belt. This is the missing piece to the fashion puzzle for women’s wardrobes. I always put a belt on my new clients, sometimes for the first time. When we put on the right belt for the first time we wonder how we left the house each day without one on. It’s like fragrance or jewelry. Once we add it we wonder how we lived without it before. The perfect everyday belt for you will go with everything. I love the GUCCI Marmont leather belt with buckle.

It features black leather with to beautiful golden G’s. I can’t seem to go past black and gold. It’s so chic and iconic and fits with every wardrobe. I am not the biggest fan of my thighs so I love this style of belt. It gives me a better line and the buckle detail really create the illusion of a small frame overall. I also love styling my clients in the Dylan Kain Brooklyn belt. It’s so incredibly minimal and sophisticated. Some ladies love a belt that is less bold and look for a thin belt with a little bit of ‘pop’. If this is you then the Dylain Kain Brooklyn belt is your perfect match.

Gucci Marmont leather belt.

Dylan Kain brooklyn belt (black with gold hardware).

Tap your ankles together three times

Ok now let’s chat about ankle boots. A good pair of stunning ankle boots are worth their weight in gold. They match everything, feel comfortable on and are chic to look at. Seek out a pair which features stud detail. This is a great way to quickly add a little bit of embellishment to any outfit. If you feel like splurging I absolutely love the Anine Bing Ava boots (black leather with gold stud detail and a little chic heel). For my birthday last year I got spoiled with a pair of Chloe boots I’ve been coveting for a long time, the Susanna 30mm studded ankle boots. Black and gold and totally fabulous. This Australian winter I’ve been wearing them every day! If you don’t have the budget for these, my absolute go to is Zara. They do really cute boots which look high end making sure you get the look instantly.

Anine Bing 'Ava' boot

Chloe Susanna boots

TIP: Never ever feel like you’re overdressed, ever. Be yourself. Use fashion to express yourself daily. Be open minded and try new things, see what works for you. Frost yourselves!

My intention is to share what I’ve experienced, all the things I’ve learnt and to revel in the joy of fashion with you, (yes you!) my fashion community. Fashion has always been a conduit for connection for me so to not share and create conversation around this passion of mine would be unnatural for me. I solemnly swear to always be transparent but to never ‘fashion shame’ anyone. That part is really important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Kmart loving girl (who doesn’t love a bit of Kmart - I feature them heavily in my homewares blog posts which are en route), or you have a complete designer wardrobe with all the bells and whistles. Everyone is welcome here in this space, in our fashion community.

It's completely probably that some fashion stylists would recommend options and ideas that don’t necessarily correlate to the elements I mention. Fashion is like art. Objective, inspiring and something that is a huge part of my life. Your body is my canvas. Through my work, through meeting incredible clients throughout the years all in different parts of their wardrobe and life journey, this is where I draw conversation and style know how. I wholeheartedly love fashion but I’m here firstly and foremostly for the people. Without all the amazing women I know this blog and my fashion styling wouldn’t be here. This is something that is not wasted on me for one second. Thanks to you I get to do what I love every day. So thank you!

With gratitude,

Nicole Byrne x The Fashion Fox @the_fashion_fox_

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