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How to Dress for Winter

Welcome back my gorgeous Foxies, here we are again. Another fourteen sleeps has now passed and your friend in fashion is back. Whoo whoo! Now I know I have said in the past that other blogs have been my favourite BUT I am going to have to whisper goose you all and say that today’s blog is in fact my favourite.

Of course… I love winter fashion AND you all ask me how to style yourselves for the cooler months so why not blog about how to dress for winter?! So let’s get into it Foxies. How do we dress for winter? I’ll start by saying that this does depend on what the climate is like where you personally live. For all our non-Australian, international Foxies you will love one!

Sometimes I dream of living in New York, London, Paris or Berlin. A place with beautiful cool climate for a larger part of the year (instead, I live in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia). I feel a calling from overseas and feel it would mean I could be in my fashion element every single day (hats, scarves, coats and boots are my absolute jam!) Winter is all about the creation of an outfit, through layers. Piece by piece. I always say, as a fashion stylist: “your body is my canvas and fashion is our art.”

Some days are colder than others and this means building a few more layers to create our gorgeous finished outfit.

For example, a silk cami layered under a silk shirt creates beautiful layered variations. Pair this with our jeans and our ankle boots and you are ready to step out and have a fabulous day.

Hats are key. Please do not leave the house without a fabulous hat on your head.

As women we like to ‘save things’ for a momentous occasion which in our minds calls for getting dressed up.

Why can this not be everyday?

I say, it CAN and should be everyday.

Try not to save accessories such as hats for the races. Hats complete the outfit, elevate your look, everyone can wear one quickly and with ease (I love that part). On top of that hats are practical and shade our faces from the sun. Should I go on?

Winter is the perfect time to wear a hat. It will also keep your pretty head warm, bonus!

Choose a beautiful felt hat (start with a black or navy), and fine, gold chain detail is a must.

I also adore beanies! They keep our heads warm but also look beautiful and make us feel fabulous.

Embrace colour During winter everything can seem so black, white and grey. The sky, the clouds, all the fashion everywhere, the light outside and so on.

That’s even more of a reason to embrace colour ladies!

It’s uplifting, it’s like choosing to wear happy on our bodies.

If you’re not sure where to start I encourage you to dip your fashion paws into a gorgeous shade of bold pink or a subtle but chic navy blue.

You could layer a beautiful bright cami under a black blazer or wear your favourite long sleeved top under a gorgeous pink blazer. You’ll stand out, feel good, and brighten up your day (and someone else’s) with your bright strategically layered outfit.

Now let’s chat about jeans.

All of our long term Foxie followers know that we already have a blog ALL about jeans and how to find your perfect pair (along with the denim mistake we all make in our lives - including photos...eeek!).

The perfect pair of jeans will have gold button detail, they will be made of denim that wraps your body tightly but moulds to your figure after a few wears AND makes you feel supported but also cosy. They will also not be under $300 - $500AUD. I say this because, I'm your friend in fashion and friends tell you the truth. I can hand on my hear say that with jeans, you get what you pay for. One pair of investment jeans is better than owning 3 pairs of cheaper jeans, so please save your pennies and invest in the perfect pair of jeans to last you years.

Ankle Boots

I love throwing on a pair of ankle boots with just about every cold season look I create. Anine Bing create excellent boots which look great, are durable, detailed and…(should only be worn in the air hahaha), just kidding! Or am I?

1) Jeans with a silk cami and blazer, with a stunning handbag worn across the body and beautiful ankle boots - finish this look with a scarf

2) A winter dress with non-opaque tights and boots

3) A crisp white shirt, jeans and a chic belt

Trick or treat

The trick is to invest in key pieces that go with everything. Each piece has to be interchangeable with every other piece, so that no matter what you grab from your wardrobe, a stunning feel good outfit results.

Treat yourself (haha) to investment pieces, collect them slowly over the year and over time and build the perfect wardrobe with which to layer. Try not to feel overwhelmed (I know it can feel scary), but piece by piece you can create a timeless beautiful wardrobe with clever investment pieces.

Just remember: piecing together an outfit shows the world who you are, it expresses your personality. So let’s let it shine ladies and make this winter your best dressed yet.

Leather Pants

These are every inch a must have, investment piece.

During winter leather pants look great with everything. Jumpers, knits, blazer, shirts and cardigans. They feel like wearing butter on our legs, they keep us warm and they look oh so chic! I wuv it!

Thank you for spending another lovely Tuesday night with me Foxies. Something that has been playing on my mind is that when you see someone who looks beautiful in their gorgeous outfit, please please please TELL THEM they look great. I feel that in society we just don’t do this enough (even if we walk past them thinking how lovely they look!) So if we think it, let’s let them know, it will make their fashion day and yours! See you in two weeks on the 11th May 2021 with the next Tuesday night blog installment. With gratitude, Nicole xx Aka The Fashion Fox If you’d like to come along, or see more fabulous winter outfit layering ideas, feel free to connect with me at my female owned small business. You can find me and my boutique on Instagram at @misshenryboutique The Fashion Fox Checklist How to Dress for Winter

Let’s ask ourselves, what are some of our key winter pieces that really elevate our look?

A fabulous pair of jeans (black and dark denim are a great place to start)

A silk shirt

A gorgeous silk bomber

A pair of chic boots

A beautiful hat

A timeless belt

A killer blazer

A stunning overcoat

A scarf

A chic long sleeved top

A silk cami

A semi-structure jumper

A stunning handbag

A bloody good pair of signature sunglasses

Gorgeous costume rings

A winter dress

Knee high boots

A sleek pair of leather gloves

Leather pants

A signature necklace

20 pieces you can mix and match, which all go together to multiple chic combinations.

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