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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Stylist

Welcome back Fashion Fox Fashionistas! What can I say, I adore my job. Creating outfits and wardrobe overhauls for you all is so satisfying. The fulfilment comes from seeing my clients’ personal confidence rise. They look elated in their ‘new skin’ and seem to just feel better from within as they look back at their reflection wearing a brand new outfit.

I have always said that your body is my canvas and fashion is art.

My day begins with a healthy breakfast to feed my brain followed by watching the news to catch up on what’s happening in the world. If I don’t feel like plugging into the news I turn on my Masterclass app.

My favourite Masterclass is by Anna Wintour. Her words, experience and story awaken something within me and drive me forward. While the news is important, especially in this time, sometimes I need a mental reprieve and powerful inspiration. Anna never fails to inspire and motivate.

Then I sit and look over current look books of new designer fashion both Australian and International.

I’m either overwhelmed with excitement about how amazing the collection is or underwhelmed to say the least.

Next I get ready for a shower and the daily decision of what to wear.

I know that each day I want to express my personal style and that I am expected to look good for everyone I encounter.

Some days I go ultra glam, with my hair in glossy waves, heels on, and a striking power outfit.

Other days I know I have a tonne of stock to unpack and errands to run so I put on beautiful activewear, sneakers, a cap and my hair in a bun or ponytail. My active wear outfit matches, is coordinated and fully styled of course haha. I can’t help it.

Next stop is school to drop my son off so he can start his day. Sometimes this is at 6am and sometimes it’s at 8am, depending on whether he has sport in the morning. We listen to music in the car and he practises his spelling words. If he gets them wrong he has to listen to Pretty Woman. If he gets them right he gets to pick a song. His music makes my face hurt and doesn’t sound like a song at all.

My day begins with fashion showings. Today I am off to the beautiful Gold Coast to see my amazing fashion agent. I’m viewing and placing (ordering) next season’s international collections followed by some business admin at my favourite local coffee shop with my amazing social media manager. We work so well together and sitting in the sun with a healthy yummy smoothie while being productive makes me so happy.

Showings are an important part of my job. I can’t miss a beat.

I need to keep my finger on the pulse and ensure I am selecting the right products to dress you all in. I have to be very alert and on game. Also it helps when your favourite fashion agents are this cute (below) haha. Meet Raffie. He's very sauve and a great upseller. You can see why!

I select pieces that will resonate with you and my Miss Henry brand aesthetic. I don't just order pieces that are considered best sellers if I don’t think they will flow, sell or suit you. When I place on collections I think about all my clients, I consider what each woman already owns, the looks each woman feels most excited and confident in and the arrivals already coming to my boutique in the same season from other labels. This prevents doubling up on similar pieces and allows me to creatively play to the strengths of each brand. The same way that M.A.C are rewnowed for their huge range of lipstick colours while Dr Perricone is known for his ground breaking skincare, it's the same in fashion. Some brands do incredible shirts and it's their strength. While other brands do incredible jeans. This is something I always keep in mind at showings. Being a shrewd fashion buyer is important for the brand, my clients and my styling creativity. Everything I pick will be seen all about town on women, on my social media feed and will sometimes feature in my blog posts.

Selecting clothes and accessories is an art form in itself.

It’s something that in essence is challenging to teach, you have to have a sense naturally.

This being said, I feel like I am emerging as a fashion teacher who can translate fashion, style and the how-to’s in a way that empowers women to confidently style themselves while still under the stylish protection of my fashion wing haha.

Now I am on my way to Miss Henry, my boutique. In the morning I prioritise admin tasks such as responding to emails, placing virtual orders (for collections which are based internationally and interstate). I used to always travel for these and see and touch multiple collections in one day then head home on fashion cloud nine.

These days I am fortunate enough to attend local showings (like the one this morning). But unless they are local it’s all virtual sheets, virtual FaceTime showings and line sheets. I am a tactile person, I love to touch, see and experience fashion in person.

So I won’t lie, the virtuals aren’t my favourite compared to the real in person deal. That being said, I’ve stocked many of these labels for years now and know the designs and styles well. So armed with this long time knowledge I get through the virtuals and always love what I select when it arrives. Yay!

I unpack stock, get it steamed and size ordered, then hang it up. I wear multiple outfits each day and create content for Instagram story and posts. I rush off to the post office with parcels for all my interstate clients. (During the high of the Australian pandemic I was Uber Fashion driving the latest styles and purchases all around town to deliver to your door). Next I share styling tips and tricks with the Miss Henry audience through social media as well as funny stories and anything that organically pops up during my day. I love sharing a piece of myself as I pour my heart and soul into my work. Connecting with you makes my day and if I can make you smile or laugh it actually makes me so happy. What's fashion without fun?

Of course I have customers that just pop into the shop, (which I love!) and then I have my clients who pre-book with me for one-to-one styling sessions.

In the recent pandemic I found my digital fashion styling feet and have been doing virtual styling sessions with women from all over Australia who have never met me or been into my boutique before. How amazing is technology?

The virtual styling sessions have gone crazy, they are the “new normal” and although I was nervous at first (I’m an old fashioned soul, so technology makes me second guess sometimes), I remembered how sure and excited I feel to style you all, that I figured I could do it virtually too. People book in with me via Instagram DM, via text (+61452 436 652) and via email (for my international ladies).

Being a fashion stylist is my great love and I value the connections made and creativity behind it all.

Now we are at the end of my big creative day. I go home to my boy and continue to answer customer enquiries via Instagram DM, text and phone call. I hang, prepare and steam my outfits for my next blog post and keep writing blog notes as ideas come to me.

Before bed I love to indulge in a face mask and have a hot shower. The best bit is putting on my pjs that have been waiting for me all day long. Heaven!

Thank you so much for spending another lovely Tuesday night with me. I loved creating the content for this blog and it's so fun to be able to share a day in my life.

Some days I wake up tired, some days I wake up feeling like my tank is empty, or that all the things life requires of me are so much.

I think we all get like that sometimes?

Fashion saved me. It makes me feel energy in my body. It's the people, it's the designs, it wakes up my soul and my mind. I didn't include it in this blog, but just so you know, I take out rubbish and clean too. And some days I don't care about my fitness plan and just order a big Grill'd burger. Eating burgers make me feel so alive and sometimes you just need a feed. I am so excited to spend next Tuesday with you. You won't want to miss it. We are going old school and talking about denim and how to find your perfect jeans for every age, size, personal style and stage of life. Whoo Whoo! Love, Nicole aka The Fashion Fox @the_fashion_fox

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