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My Simple Everyday Makeup Look

Hey Foxies - let’s do a complete ‘about face.’ My everyday glowy makeup look is one of my all time favourites AND one of my most requested blog topics to date. Tonight we are going to create a fun, quick makeup look for anyone who feels a bit flat, ‘lost’ when it comes to makeup shopping and needs to get some OOMPH back in their beauty routine.

In the past I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Bobbi Brown (their shimmer brick is my go-to) and Mecca (Nars and Dr Perricone are life changing) and in my first ‘adult’ job I was a flight attendant. This means that a little bit of hairstyling and makeup knowledge has always been up my foxylicious sleeve.

In fact, it’s true that every woman knows how to do a bit of makeup nicely on themselves. This includes me!

While I am not a makeup artist or beautician, I am excited to share this because it’s a non-intimidating makeup look that is perfect for almost any age group and sure to make you feel refreshed, bright and luminous (and ready to take over the world).

So without further ado, here I am to show you, step by step, how to create my everyday ‘glow.’

Step One - All About that Base

Pop all your skincare on (including an SPF 50+) I love Mecca’s To Save Face it is completely scentless, has no white flash back in photos and hydrates your skin too. Whoo whoo! If only a man could do all of those things.

Step Two - Just Browzing

If you’re a total eye brow beginner like me, you’ll love this.

I wanted to show you in this way-too-close close up, the incredible yet subtle sculpting powers of the humble eye brow pencil.

It’s so easy. Press hard to create a more heavy defined line. Or press lightly to create a softer brow.

This one is slanted so it goes with the shape of your eye brow.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of good brows. The results speak for themselves. Definition changes the whole face, doesn’t it?

The Fashion Fox loves: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil $52

Tip: Select a colour slightly lighter than your hair colour. This lifts and sculpts the brow. If you choose one as dark or darker than your hair colour it can be very aging, harsh and have the opposite effect (dragging the shape of the eye down).

In short, light brows = youthful. Darkest brows = aging.

For example, I use the lighter shade ‘brunette’ in this product, instead of ‘dark brunette’ which matches my hair colour.

Step Three - Not to Prime is a Crime

Put primer on your skin and a separate eye primer on your eyelids. Yes you read that right, your eye lids!

No matter your skin type, lids are an oily zone. You might remember times you applied beautiful eyeshadow only to have it all seem to disappear by the end of the day or night.

Eye primer stops this from happening.

Squeeze a tiny little bit onto your ring finger and pat it gently all over your eyelids.

Tip: Use your ring finger anytime you deal with the eye area. It has the weakest muscles of all the fingers on your hand so it minimises pulling on the fragile eye skin.

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Shadow Insurance’ eyelid primer by Too Faced AU$36.

Step Four - Put a Lid on It

It’s time to add warmth and colour. Whoo whoo! Again, using your ring finger, dab two warm toned coloured onto your eyelids.

I chose these colours because they warm up your look, bring out your eye colour AND are super easy to apply (and get it right) without much hassle.

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Gen Nude’ eyeshadow palette by Bare Minerals AU$44.

Step Five -Define and Line

This is my favourite step! Let me introduce to you, nude/skin toned eyeliner AND subtly coloured mascara.

I put the nude eyeliner on my lower, inside waterline.

What it does is it brightens my eyes, makes the whites of my eye look whiter (in contrast to the nude toned liner) and enhances my eye colour. It also eliminates the look of any redness along the bottom waterline.

So if you didn’t get much shut eye, this is the product for you.

Next, get your hands on a beautiful deep purple or royal blue hued mascara.

These are not the same ones that were a staple in the 70’s. They are a new, gorgeous updated version that gives your eye colour a gentle lift, without being flat and dull like a black mascara.

I have green eyes so I use the purple mascara. It makes the green pop!

Royal blue is amazing for brown eyes and blue eyes.

Purple is lovely on brown eyes or green eyes.

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Terrybly’ Mascara by Terry in Shade 4 ‘Purple Success’ AU$72. The brush is amazing, the formula is full of collagen and hyaluronic acid which is so good for your lashes. It’s a mascara loaded with eyelash loving serum. Wow!

Step Six - Laying the Foundation

Nars foundation ladies! OMG. This is such a game changer. I absolutely love their Sheer Glow Foundation. The shade I personally use is ‘Barcelona’, (they name their shades after beautiful cities around the world. I sure do wish I was drinking sangria in Barcelona with a gorgeous Spanish man. Did you know this city has free city-wide wifi?! Anyway, back on topic.

Pop 1 pea sized amount onto your foundation brush. Using the brush, dot in on your forehead, nose and chin. Then gently pat it from the centre of your face, outwards, toward your hairline, ears and neck. Why do we do this? We need the most coverage in the middle of our faces and less toward the outside of our faces. If you use your foundation sparingly like this it should easily last you 3 - 4 months a bottle.

The Fashion Fox loves: Sheer Glow Foundation in ‘Barcelona’ by Nars AU$71.

It’s pigment rich, high coverage but feels and here’s the kicker, it looks just like skin.

So it’s not matte or powder or flimsy and runny. This also means that you don’t need much to get good coverage. Winning!

Tip: Nars foundation pumps are sold separately. So make sure you buy the pump the same day you buy the foundation to make applications easy on yourself.

Step Seven - Lift + Lighten

No sleep? Concealer.

Not a morning person? Concealer.

Want to look ten years younger quickly? Concealer.

Got a job interview? Concealer.

Don’t know what your makeup bag needs? Concealer.

Need a new man? Concealer.

Hungover? Concealer.

You get the drift.

This is yet another gem from the clever people at NARS.

In the early days of using this product I actually once put it ALL over my face thinking it was foundation. I looked so bright and white. Why did I do this to myself?! I thought, "Oh this is way too light for me. My friend that recommended it is supposed to be a makeup artist." Hahaha. I found out that concealer is to highlight, lighten, brighten and lift.

Draw concealer down the centre of your nose (to slim and chisel), under each eye (think up, up, up to lift) and in the middle of your forehead and chin. Simply dab this into your skin to instantly lift, brighten and define. It’s like a cup of coffee for your face. The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Creamy Radiant’ concealer by NARS in shade ‘custard’ AU$46.

Step Eight - Bronzed and beautiful

Now for the step that’s going to make you feel like you’ve been to a tropical island.

Bronze yourself ladies!

Take a big fluffy brush (mine looks like a chow chow dog) and swirl it in your bronzer.

Then buff your bronzer into your hairline, under your cheek bones (on an angle - think up, up, up, lifting your face for a youthful and anti-aging effect) and buff it into your neck. It’s almost like a ‘3’ on your left

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Laguna’ Bronzer by NARS AU$58.

Tip: Get a bronzer which is not glittery or shimmery. It will blow out your definition and take away from the overall look. The neck is usually quite white as it is shielded from the sun. This leaves us with a white neck and bronzed decolletage. Connect face and chest with a warm, bronzed neck.

Next, grab your highlighter and pat it gently across your cheek bones (near your eyes) and a little down the centre of your nose. I sometimes pop a little on my brow bone too for extra glow. The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Laguna’ Bronzer by NARS AU$58.

Tip: Get a bronzer which is not glittery or shimmery. It will blow out your definition and take away from the overall look. The neck is usually quite white as it is shielded from the sun. This leaves us with a white neck and bronzed decolletage. Connect face and chest with a warm, bronzed neck.

Step Nine - You glow girl Now it’s time for the holy grail product. This is actually the original J-Lo glow. Drum roll please… for...the… Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Generously apply this one on your cheek bones and decolletage for an extra pop of youthful glowiness.

It’s so easy and fool proof to use. It’s instant radiance in a few swipes of the brush. Next, grab your highlighter and pat it gently across your cheek bones (near your eyes) and a little down the centre of your nose.

I sometimes pop a little on my brow bone too for extra glow. The Fashion Fox loves:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in “Bronze” AU$78. NARS highlighting powder in “Capri” AU$58.

Step Ten - I’m Blushing

Blush is SO under-rated. My go to blush has a super cheeky name.

It’s called ‘Deep Throat’ by NARS. It’s a perfect cool toned pink with a subtle shimmer throughout.

Swipe this onto the apples of your cheeks and feel instantly happy.

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Deep Throat’ by NARS AU$46.

Tip: Pop a tiny little bit of blush on the middle of your nose. Make sure it’s just a little bit! This makes you look sunkissed and fresh, and warms the complexion subtly.

Step Eleven - Add a pop of colour

Yes, yes, yes! Get some colour on those lips.

Life is too short to not be the woman with a gorgeous bold lip.

Don’t be scared, get it on your mouth.

The Fashion Fox loves: ‘Show Orchid’ lipstick by M.A.C layered with ‘Candy Yum Yum’ lipstick by M.A.C AU$30 each.

Tip: If you like your lip colour to last add a longwearing liquid lipstick underneath. My boutique Miss Henry stocks ‘Chow Chow’ liquid lipstick which is a long wearing hot pink liquid lipstick. I wear it on it’s own or layered under these M.A.C lip colours. I wuv it! You can pash all night.

Voila! You are done. Glowing, fresh and ready for an amazing day ahead.

Bonus Beauty Advice + Tips

Check the expiry date on all your makeup and skin care

Did you know that most items, such as mascara can have a 6 month shelf life? Did you know that items like cleansers and moisturisers can expire 12 months after you first open them?

I sure didn’t! I had kept all of my makeup, every lipstick colour, powder, you name it for decades. When makeup expires it oxidises and essentially breaks down. This means the ingredients become unstable and won’t have positive effects on your skin. Please stay on top of expiry dates. You can find them inside the picture of a little jar on almost every product you own. Start using an eye cream religiously at 23 years of age I wish, wish, wish someone had told me this. I cannot stress this enough. I can’t go back in time, so whether you’re in your 20’s and reading this or 82 and reading this, get the eye cream IN your life and under your eyes. You can thank me later. Avoid fashion brand skincare Fashion brands are known for the fashion they create. It’s that simple. If you want to enjoy a nutritious salad, you don’t go to McDonald’s. While they do offer salads there, they are a fast food chain, so chances are it’s not the best salad you can find.

When you buy skincare from fashion brands you’re paying for the brand name, luxury packaging and hyaluronic acid (the stuff that hydrates and retains hydration in your skin) AT BEST. If you don’t know where to start I could not recommend Dr. Perricone skin care more. It’s incredible. It creates change, it actually works. It’s sold at Mecca - get it on your skin. Yesterday!

The Fashion Fox Makeup Check List What I used: Complexion NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in 'Barcelona' AU$71

NARS 'Deep Throat' blush AU$46 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in 'Bronze' AU$78 NARS highlighter in 'Capri' AU$58

Eyes Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' eyelid primer AU$36 Bare Minerals Gen Nude eyeshadow palette AU$44 Hourglass Arch Eyebrow Pencil in 'Brunette' AU$52 NARS 'Rue De Boneparte' eyeliner AU$36 By Terry 'Terribly' Mascara in Purple Success AU$72

Lips M.A.C 'Candy Yum Yum' lipstick AU$30 M.A.C 'Show Orchid' lipstick AU$30 Miss Henry 'Chow Chow' liquid lipstick base AU$25

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