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How to Make Your Own Luck in Life (a St. Patrick's Day Special)

Hello all you little Foxies! It’s that time again, so grab your wine or gin (or both) and strap yourself in for this fabulous blog, created especially for you.

With St. Patrick’s Day in the air this month, I can’t help but feel that we all could use a little bit of luck in life. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? The leprechaun baring fortune? While those magical moments do exist and often pop up from time to time (right after something good happens and we think “wow I can’t believe my luck today!”) the good news is that we are all able to make our own luck in this one life we have.

What a powerful and compelling thought.

The fact that we can around our day, week, month or even our yeeaarrr. I’ll be there for you, and I’m here for you right now, so let’s pave the way to luck together. Upon reflection it has only just now dawn on me that I have actually had to make my own luck in life. It’s been hard work and I look back and feel accomplished and maybe just a little tired when I think about it all. You know that saying, head down bum up, working hard. Well it really does generate results. I have missed out on so many weekends away, parties, cocktails by the pool, you name it! Due to putting in long hours at work. I mean starting and running my small business Miss Henry Boutique and from really choosing personal growth over the last two years (including Pilates, learning from the Master Class app, building my personal Thesaurus and taking charge of my continued education). I’ve never resented ‘missing out’ and have been lucky enough to see the pure elation of success.

Do it for Future You

I knew that in the future I would be so grateful to my past self for all the effort and hard work that had been put in. I had the mindset that everything I did today and this week, step by step, would equal big positive outcomes for ‘Future Nicole’.

“I really wish I didn’t get up and go for that 5km run” said no one ever.

It’s the sleeping in and eating junk food that we always regret, not the powerful actions it takes to create a good life in the future.

I’ve learned to never resent the ground work it takes, the heavy lifting it takes, no matter how small any daily positive action could be. For example, when I come home after work I don’t feel like doing the dishes. Who does?! But does Future Nicole want to see them piled up in the sink tomorrow morning when she’s got a million things to do? Nope. Absolutely not. So I put on a song I like, roll up my sleeves, and get washing and drying. It only takes 3 minutes.

Side note, I think we are all guilty of sometimes blowing things out of proportion. Thinking they will take far longer than they actually do. Focusing on the toil and tiring-ness rather than the outcome and ease a little bit of “do it now” can give us in the future.

Do it for Someone You Love It’s really compelling and motivating when we pull at our own emotional strings. A huge part of my motivation has been the hunger and drive to provide a beautiful life for my son, Baxter. I have always wanted to provide him with a fabulous life and afford him the same opportunities that I was afforded: a great school, a beautiful home, weekends away (his social life is better than mine haha). When I first opened my boutique and times were tough I would open my wallet to gaze at a photo of his little face. My heart would melt and I would remember my goal.

I would look at the school fees, the empty pantry needing groceries, the school shoes and books for next year, the sporting fees for his swimming and running. That fact that he’d had a growth spurt and needed new clothes to wear. It would make me determined to push on and make big things happen. “I can do this” I would tell myself, and do everything in my power to make the day and week a success.

Take a Chance Let’s take a chance by putting on different hats and opening our minds.

What are your beliefs? What would happen if you decided to think and believe the opposite? Or something else all together? My business Instagram account use to be still images and boomerang videos. I’ve now completely evolved and moved with the times. I do forward rolls, I regularly go onto the story feature and talk about my life and new arrivals, I take photos in new locations around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Noosa and really accessorize my looks and incorporate thoughtful, on-brand props such as Vogue magazine and cups of tea.

I’m doing the same thing (creating content for my business) but I’m doing it like I’ve never done it before.

This old mindset would not lead to growth. Hear me out, if we stop telling ourselves it’s difficult, it becomes easy.

Often our outdated mindsets (which worked for our past selves) and negative closed minded thoughts are what is in our own way. Coming to this realisation can be emotionally and mentally painful for us. It was for me. But if you take a chance, choose to believe in yourself and have faith in your vision and goal, you set the wheels in motion to absolutely create your own luck.

I am (or use to be) a comfort chow. I am loyal and like comfort and for things to stay the way they are.

To create change and revolutionise my brand, my platform, the way I speak to the world I had to move, think, do and essentially BE different and better. I had to improve and change which then had a domino effect and enabled and empowered my business to grow and change. It’s all intertwined.

So think, move and do differently to generate personal luck.

Go to that party you could not be bothered to attend. You never know who you might meet and what doors might open for you? Your future husband or an inspiring new business mentor could be waiting for you. Take the chance.

Start that Zumba class, the perfect moment is now. Who cares if you feel like a big goof dancing about uncoordinatedly? Everyone else in the class is too. You’ll feel great moving to the beat and you might even make new friends. Plus your trim little waistline and the big endorphin boost will benefit your future self so much.

Take those piano lessons you’ve always wanted. Find a good piano teacher in your local area, you’ve always wanted to be good at this. What a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon for example, bettering yourself and escaping to the world of music.

Do it, you will love it. It doesn’t matter if you suck at your first lesson. Babies can’t wait straight away after their first go. Parents don’t then go, “oh well I guess he/she just isn’t a walker, may as well give up now” haha. So keep having lessons, enjoy the process and take the chance.

Don’t let Set Backs Set YOU Back

The path to luck and success is not linear. Be realistic and expect to encounter some setbacks. The most important thing is to get up and keep going. You can do it!

I have done it for years so I know how it feels, the good, the bad, the ugly, the recovery, the getting back up, the getting back on track.

It’s a process and a journey, not a destination.

Helping Others Will Change Your Luck

It’s really hard to feel sorry for ourselves or ungrateful for our lives when we go and ladle soup at a homeless shelter in the dead of winter for people who have nowhere to live.

You’ll go home feeling like the luckiest woman or man on earth.

If you put yourself in conscious service of others and the community you will learn a lot, gain a new perspective on life and not only feel fortunate but lucky enough that you’re able to give back to the world. Helping others will set your soul alight and make you feel whole and fulfilled.

This Aussie winter I will be volunteering at Bed Down. We found this fabulous charity on Instagram one day. This incredible charity utilises empty secured parking spaces to set up inflatable queen beds, complete with cosy bedding, meal delivery such as Uber Eat and sometimes even haircuts and bags of fresh new clothes and toiletries to enable people who are homeless to have somewhere dry, safe and warm to sleep at night.

To learn more

I will be auctioning myself off for Win a Date with Miss Henry, with all funds going to Bed Down. My greatest fear is that no one will bid or want to ‘buy’ me for a date haha. So if you know any eligible bachelors who want to support a good cause, feel free to send them my way. It’s for Bed Down, to help these kind people continue to look after our homeless. I am looking forward to bringing my son and his friends with us to Bed Down to set up for the evening. It will help send the message that having somewhere beautiful to live and having a nice bedroom and bed to come home to everyday shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Did you know that the youngest ever person to use Bed Down was just 15 years of age?

Did your heart just drop? Because mine did typing this.

Children should be at home, safe, loved and encouraged. With the world at their feet.

The world needs more of this so every dollar and volunteer helps and every service creates change for someone. We can change a life and help ourselves in the process.

Ask the Universe to Have Your Back Imagine in your mind, your next stepping stone for success. What does it look like?

Ask yourself: What is one simple, logical, next step that I can take today to get closer to my goal?

Sit down, somewhere you enjoy like a sunny section in your home or cosy up in a local cafe on a Sunday morning and write a letter to the universe. Put on good music and enjoy a tea or coffee. Dream big, think about your future life and sincerely write down your ambitions and goals and HOW you will achieve them.

What would you set your mind to if failure was impossible?

Dream big, be logical, break it down into days, weeks and months.

Isolate key actions and behaviours that will get you there and then take it one step at a time. Consistency is key. Rome wasn’t built in a day so just go one day at a time, brick by brick.

So repeat after me, “I get everything I want, I create my own luck.” Say it three times foxies. There is no reason you should not get what you want and deserve.

Did you feel that? That’s the universe shifting in your favour.

You are different, evolved and better now and everything before this moment is gone.

You are already creating your own luck. I can feel it!

We all deserve to have a wonderful, productive, happy day, every day.

Smile more, it will make you feel gorgeous and make you look gorgeous. You will attract even more positive energy and good luck.

The Fashion Fox Check List

How to Make Your Own Luck in Life

  • Do it for ‘Future You’ If you feel unlucky or have that feeling that your plate is looking very full, choose to lighten your own load. What actions and behaviours can you do now/today that will make tomorrow easier for Future You? Set him or her up to succeed and enjoy the success and ease that comes with it, in the future.

  • Put in the hard work, logically, consistently and methodically with your goal and outcomes at the top of your mind. Washboard abs don’t materialise without cardio and abdominal crunches, do they? Expecting to go to the top without rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work is like refusing to plant seeds in the spring and being furious at the ground for not growing crops in the summer.

  • Take a chance. Put yourself out there. Find the courage and self belief to do, move and act differently. You will be moving closer to your goals and next step. Taking a chance helps your goals to also move toward you.

  • Expect setbacks and don’t make them a reason to not persist. Life happens. Expect things to pop up that will derail you. Be it a devastating life changing event (touch wood), or missing Zumba class three days in a row and feeling like crap for the rest of the week. The path to luck and fortune are not linear. Roll with the punches

  • Envision your very next stepping stone for success. Write it down. Read it everyday. Look at your goal and the actions that will pave your way to it every night before bed.

  • Help Others, it will in turn, ironically help you. When we put ourselves in service of others we change. Our hearts evolve, our gratitude increases and we see the world in a whole new light. We don’t take our everyday lives for granted anymore and we learn to realise how lucky we truly are. Feeling lucky creates more luck. Helping others makes us feel fulfilled. Everyone wins!

  • Ask the Universe to have your back. It sounds silly, but as you move toward your goals asking the universe means that your goals will also start moving into place, toward you. We get more of what we accept. Showing the universe you are ready for change, the next chapter, ready to receive more money, luck, love, fortune, experiences and so on will mean that you attract more of those things. Ask the Universe to have your back and it will.

Thank you for spending another fantastic Tuesday night with me Foxies. I hope you loved this blog and feel empowered and inspired to take on life and ask for what you want. Let’s all create our own luck and believe in ourselves. Whoo whoo!

Next week I am going through, step by step, one of my favourite every day makeup looks. That's right Foxies, I'm going to show you every product I use, how I apply it and how I create my signature 'fresh' makeup for the working week. This is one of our most requested topics this year, looking forward to showing you my every day glam.

You will not want to miss it, this is NOT a drill. See you at 5:30pm Australian EST next Tuesday. Be there or be square.

With gratitude,

Nicole xx

Aka The Fashion Fox

Come digitally find me in the fox den @the_fashion_fox_

See my small business in action @misshenryboutique

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