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Moving House: The Fashion Fox Do's + Do Not's

It’s Tuesday in Brisbane, Australia so it’s time for our latest blog post. First up I wanted to say a big “Hello!” and welcome to our new Fashion Fox subscribers from the United States and United Kingdom. Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining our fashion family. Without all my wonderful subscribers, readers and followers this blog just isn’t possible, so thank you from the bottom of my chow heart. Tonight's blog brings you a mini tour of my half moved in house and new living spaces. As well as the carnage of the move, mess and reality of moving.

Me at the new house this morning - it's all coming together but I haven't been to bed before 3am for the past two weeks (if you're reading this please send more under eye concealer and 8 hours sleep). This is where I spend my mornings, create photo and video content for my boutique @misshenryboutique and enjoy hot tea on chilly Australian winter mornings.

I moved house! One night, I stumbled across the perfect new place online and knew I had to have it.

I’ve always been drawn to the New York style loft aesthetic. White and bright (lots of natural daylight being key) with chic subtle black accents and a little bit of gold throughout. This new place is everything I’ve wanted and is the perfect next space for my vision for the future. Moving has been a huge feat especially during the highs and lows of the pandemic and with going to work every single day. I've been unpacking and organising the new house until the wee hours of each morning then heading to work for 12 and 14 hour days at a time. On top of this, I don't drink coffee so staying awake has been challenging but I've been pushing through.

Our journey begins at the last week in my old home. It was such a wonderful chapter here and I really loved this home but I feel like it's time for change. I had some lovely times there. And I think I really started to become who I am now when I was living there; I started to come out of my shell at this place. I loved the view, I loved being on the top floor, I love that I had to walk upstairs everyday as a work out. My home is a sanctuary and I am a Cancerian so my home is always really important to me. I was feeling really sad to leave, completely conflicted, but there were so many reason why I wanted to leave. As soon as I moved to my new home and spent the first night there it felt like I had always lived there and I was completely ready to close the chapter and be exactly where I am now. I don’t have a lot of a stuff so I don’t know why the moving process has taken me so long. I absolutely hate it’s guts, I’ve never felt more tired and emotional and I don’t know if I want to scream, cry or just go to bed. They say moving stress levels are not dissimilar to going through a divorce.

My new living room (I recieved so many beautiful birthday flowers which were a such kind gifts from my Miss Henry boutique family and friends). I had this coffee table in storage for four years and I was so excited to welcome him back to my living room. Hello space, light and bright! This is what I walk downstairs to every morning. I could not believe how seamlessly everything fits into each living space.

In the new house we have a mezanine room upstairs (this beautiful freshly cleaned space above) which is the place with the best lighting in the house. It has a skylight, high ceilings and it's white and bright. This room will double as Mama Dee's sleep over room and will also be our Instagram and YouTube specific space. Here I will shoot all my brand collaborations, new content and videos. The entire house is beautiful to film in and make content in, but this space is ultra clean and lush.

Instagram Vs Reality

The hall way to the right of this photo is where you would first enter the home. The stairs lead to my main bedroom, ensuite, walk through wardrobe then social media slash Mama Dee mezzanine space. It's important to me to always show the reality, no matter how "not glamourous" it may be. Everyone who knows me personally knows I am a perfectionist but moving house is a long and tedious process. When I see my home like this during the process it motivates me to stay up and get as much of it organised, styled and put away as soon as possible. Even posting this photo stresses me out but I want to always share and show you reality.

I like to move physical items in and store them away or place them straight away. This saves lots of double handling, even though it's a bit messy in the short term.

The living room and second dining space before it was completed.

Our finished living area, all of these items are from my previous home. Everyone always comments on the prints. TIP: I printed each image personally and had them framed instead of purchasing pre-framed pieces. This way you get to choose the exact print and size you want to so they all fit and flow together on your wall. It's also a cost effective way to deliver instant New York chic to any living space. If in doubt always opt for black and white, you'll never regret it and monochrome tones really exude expense, timeless and class.

Baxter (my son) has the coolest room in the house. It's a decadent rave cave, perfect for a teenage boy, with a skylight, it's own bathroom and a minimal yet industrial feel. We are going to set up a beautiful study area for him and call this space "Young Sir's Office". We watched the movie coach carter not long ago and it's one of our favourites. I absolutely can't wait to show you the end result for this space.


  • CLEANSE your possessions before you move: sell or donate pieces that aren’t coming with you to your new living space. Picture your future life vs your previous life and choose possessions in accordance with Future You.

  • Make sure you have good, reliable PEOPLE helping you

  • Order TAKE OUT for lunch and dinner

  • Have a bowl of lollies and SNACKS in the central part of the room you’re unpacking in to fuel the moving team and helpers

  • Have WATER and soft drink readily available for everyone. It's sweaty business.

  • If you can, move the items you can safely transport without putting them in a box, and PUT THEM AWAY straight away (this saves double handling and time spent packing and unpacking even more boxes than you need to)

  • Take MOMENTS to look at how great each space is coming together and pat yourself on the back

  • STOP to give your family and friends who a helping you move a tired, grateful, sweat hug. It feels good to plug in to good energy and remember to laugh (even if it’s because you’re deliriously tired).


  • Try and do it all on your own (people make energy, more hands make light work, all that jazz is completely true)

  • Expect each room to be perfect straight away (a message to my past self)

  • Go to sleep past midnight (this is something I didn’t do, a learning from hindsight)

  • Move in the rain – from someone who got caught in the rain

  • Put screws and little items in zip lock bags so they all together and don’t go missing

  • Get overwhelmed (easier said than done!) but just take a breath, think of the end result and just remember that you are one person, one task at a time


If you ever find yourself moving (or not) I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I create these for you, my audience, sharing is such a joy and you all send me such beautiful positive feedback. I have to admit that this week on top of everything that's been happening: school semester starting again, the move, working every single day and so on I was actually trolled the night before my birthday via Instagram DM. My boutique account is in no way or shape "big" in terms of the social media world but as my digital footprint has slowly grown there have been a few incidences of trolls (both real and those hiding behind keyboards) feeling the need to personally put me down. When people choose to be nasty to you (behind your back AND it is a choice on their behalf) and then be nice to your face, remember that it's a reflection on them. In this life time there have been people in my life who have been have been consistent with their inconsistencies. I know that when I go to bed at night I love and adore my friends. My learning would to be more assertive, start how you want to finish (always), be kind but strong. Make sure you are always leading and never following.

Putting yourself out there and sharing your life on any level in this digital age equals lovers, haters and trolls equally.

I'm driven by my heart, my vision and clarity of thought. Listen to information but remember that ultimately your life has to come from who you are. Own who you are without apology and in this life we can't please everyone, so set the pace, teach people how to treat you and leave people better than you found them. You need a time, the right people around you to succeed. People who push you forward and not hold you back. A team is friends, family, employees the people who surround yourself with.

This stunning print features Bridgette Bardot shot by Terry O'Neill. It was featured on Anine Bing's recent collaboration tshirt. I have the t-shirt AND sweater version of this. This is the print I have at home, I also have one in store. I LOVE IT!

I'm here for you every Tuesday. Next week we promise to knock the blog out of the chow park for you all. This blog is a two way street where you get to have your say. If there's any topics you'd like me to cover feel free to email me at Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Love, Nicole The Fashion Fox Me: @the_fashion_fox_ My boutique: @misshenryboutique

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