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The Kmart Edition: 5 Must Haves You Didn’t Know You Needed

So I need to share a secret of mine with you all. One of my favourite shops to go to is Kmart. They have the most amazing affordable pieces for your home and living spaces.

Welcome to today’s blog. I’m Nicole, a fashion stylist, blogger and from Australia. Each week on TuesdayI create a blog based on my most requested topics, DM’s and emails to share knowledge in love, life, fashion, being a mum, business, home, emotional journeys and more.

Feel free to think of me as your friend in fashion, your co-conspirator and the girl who is in your corner and wants to see you succeed and thrive. Through this little blog, may my lessons, learnings and knowledge become yours and empower you to live your best and most wonderful life.

Every Sunday afternoon I am set free from work (I work 7 days a week) and when I’m out and about I feel like a kid in a candy store. My eyes light up, I open up my chow paws and can’t wait to touch everything, see everything and take it home with me. Finding the latest and greatest for home is my hobby and interest and my escape from the daily grind.

Just like I do in fashion (to piece together a gorgeous outfit) I pride myself on being able to mix luxury investment items ($$$$) with cheaper, hand selected items ($$) to complete a stunning living space, home office or kitchen nook. I wuv it.

I would also like to add that while I openly promote and practise supporting small business on all social media platforms, I am speaking about Kmart today because it truly is one of my favourite shopping destinations.

I’m an Aussie blogger, so what I can tell you is that in Australia Kmart is all Australian owned and means gainful employment for thousands of Aussies and that (especially during the uncertain time we are in) makes me happy. And is another reason to get your kicks there. Whoo whoo!

OK, now onto the exciting stuff. What can I say? The possibilities are endless at Kmart.

You can purchase plates, washing baskets, wine glasses, bedroom furniture. Kmart also offers incredible online exclusives which I am always sitting in bed browsing through on my ipad once a week. Kmart, kmart, kmart (give me a sponsorship)....and once again for the people in the back, Kmart! Hahaha.

I love going into the store because I am a very tactile person, so I very much do like to touch and see a product in person. This helps me to imagine how I would style it and where I should put it. So if you feel that touching and experiencing a product and just taking that moment of stillness to feel, consider and envision would assist you in being able to choose and place items in your home, I suggest you go in and have a look too!

Now enough of me, here are the 5 Kmart Pieces You Didn’t Know You Needed (all hand picked, by me The Fashion Fox, for you):

1) The over sink dish drying rack $10 Shut the front door, this is SO FABULOUS. I really don’t know what I did without this item. It’s perfect for:

Air drying dishes

Rinsing fruit and vegetables

Defrosting food directly over the sink (my favourite use for it)

AND it rolls up when you don’t need it, which saves space!

I also would like to add that I love to use my over sink dish drying rack for when I am saving food from my frying pan or pots, directly into the bowl. It makes it that much easier if you have run out of space and need the room.

Putting it over your sink means more usable ‘pop up’ bench space. This is great if you or your partner don’t necessarily tidy up as you cook. And it gives you extra dish airing space for more dishes. Double winning!

I wanted to put the measurements in so that you can whip out your ruler or measuring tape and make sure you’re happy with the dimensions in relation to your kitchen sink.

This product is 52cm long and 36cm wide. It retails for AU$10.

I know, I know, you’re so sold you’ll take ten of them. And even put some in people’s Christmas stockings as stocking stuffers. Genius!

2) The flocked hangers $10 for 30

Now these will not only rock your world, they will change it. Tell me more about the flocked hangers you say? Of course, I say, I can hardly wait.

Foxies, I have these flocked hangers in my boutique and also in my home.

Why do we love them?

They look so good! Expensive to look at and minimal chic in aesthetic Clothes don’t slip off as they grip the straps and/or fabric They are thin so you can fit more fashion in your wardrobe They don’t clang together like big bulky wooden hangers

One wooden hanger takes up the space of THREE of these hangers so more shopping to be had at my boutique Miss Henry. See how I just threw that line in there? I love that for me. Hahaha. They come in packs of 30 and retail for AU$10. Now that is a bargain.

Get your clothes on them! Yesterday!

3) The roller storage basket with handle (size medium) AU$7

Now this is the best invention ever. I wuv mine.

I have a few of them in my fridge at home and could not recommend them more.

I use mine for:

Dinner ingredients each night of the week

Grouping and separating like food items

Lunch on the go storage

Organisation and clarity

I put all the ingredients into each storage basket and have them labelled Monday through to Sunday.

So when you get home after a busy day at work you can just open your fridge and voila - you know what’s for dinner tonight and all the ingredients are just waiting.

It makes you feel so relieved, ready and organised. Just what you need after a big day!

I also have a roller storage basket dedicated to my son’s lunch box items for the following morning. It has his name on it and before he walks out the door in the morning I grab his lunch out of the Bman roller storage basket and place it in his lunch box. This way I am organised and the fridge just flows without a second thought.

More reasons to love this storage basket:


Removable lid

Easy to clean

Here are the measurements:

H 16.4cm

W 30.3cm

D 15.9cm

4) The Tall White Locker $139 This item is available for an online exclusive only.

I chose this product as I loathe when my son comes home and there are school bags and sport bags everywhere all over the floor. It’s a tripping hazard and one I’m not here for haha.

This locker is perfect for you if you would like to: Declutter Lift up bulky unaesthetic items like bags from your floor (and hide them) Minimise tripping hazards Store work or school shoes Create more storage space Clear your home interior entrance Hide mess I love it because it looks good, creates a storage zone for school kids, teaches children to put items away and be organised and if you have OCD like me you can even put a basket on top of the locker for school shoe and school hat storage. This means that absolutely everything gets put away! This works perfectly for teenage children who can reach. For smaller children feel free to use the shelf provided inside the locker for shoes and hats.

This locker measures:

H: 172cm

W: 45cm

D: 47cm

It’s on the heavy side, it weighs 17 - 35kgs (at least two people required to lift it)

Warning: secure with supplied wall fitting

It is AU$139.

5) The heavy duty four shelf storage unit

I decided to use mine to create a laundry basket shelving system with four baskets, one for each shelf.

You purchase the shelves separately then add the baskets and label each one.

So it’s like a very easy DIY.

My baskets are labelled as follows:

Top shelf: Towels

Next shelf: Whites

Second bottom shelf: Darks

Bottom shelf: Hand washing

I love this system because it means that washing will always be hidden away and you guessed it, organised.

It will also teach all these husbands and partners to sort out the washing. Yay!

It is AU$59.

So there you have it Foxies, 5 of my favourite hand picked items from Kmart, that you didn’t know you needed. I hope this blog has been helpful and you feel inspired to go to Kmart with a skip in your step, new ideas and some incredible pieces to fill up your shopping trolley with.

Remember to envision your living spaces, think of the aesthetic and solution you want. My top tip is to always pair affordable finds with luxury pieces that we save up for and add to your home slowly over time.

Thank you for sharing this Tuesday evening with me, Nicole aka The Fashion Fox. Each week at 5:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time I blog about lifestyle, fashion, my personal experiences, motherhood, homewares and much much more.

This blog is my hobby (but not yet my job) so when you read it, share it with your friends, subscribe, like or comment it really helps me to grow it and keep on blogging. So thank you to beautiful you, each blog I write is for you. Life is more beautiful because we know each other. So thank you for embracing me and my blog, I appreciate you.

Next Tuesday we chat about How To Make Your Own Luck in Life. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I really wanted to discuss luck in life and how we can turn the tables on a run of bad luck and really set ourselves up for success in ways that truly matter.

From the outside looking in, I am told time and again “You’ve had incredible luck Nic” and this could not be further from the truth. So let’s do this together, let’s steer the ship of destiny on course and decide that we all have the unwavering personal power to create our own luck. Find out how, next week. With gratitude, Nicole xx Aka The Fashion Fox My boutique @misshenryboutique My IG page @the_fashion_fox_

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