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Why Finding the Perfect Jeans is a Mission

The Jean Edit Special – The Fashion Fox Demystifies Shopping for Jeans

There is a special announcement (two actually) at the end of this blog. Keep reading to find out the latest.


Shopping for jeans can fill most of us with dread, worry and feeling like you want to give up before you even start. I get it! The jeans that feel good don’t look good on.

The jeans that look the best on don’t flatter. We wonder aimlessly wondering if the perfect pair even exists.

We feel like we should have just spent the day shopping for Tupperware or a nice new picnic rug instead of putting ourselves through this seemingly hopeless denim-based challenge.

We stare out at the sea of denim wondering if we will ever find land. There’s skinny jeans, hipster jeans, mid-rise jeans, flared jeans, jeans with rips, jeans that are 7/8, not to mention all the different washes. It’s easy to see why we get overwhelmed. We start thinking, “…do I have to try all of these on?”

There’s nothing worse than getting into a change room with several pairs of jeans and trying them all on hoping to find ‘the one’. “Aww um, no thanks”, we say gingerly to the nice girl who’s working the fitting rooms that day as we hand her back our failed pile of denim.

Without further ado, they say that not all heroes wear capes. And they are not wrong. Today, she wears jeans… a mighty fine pair too I might add.

The Fashion Fox is here (talking about herself in the third person) and she’s ready and excited to present… (dun dun dahhh!) THE JEAN EDIT. Whoo whoo whoo!! I’m going to untangle this mystery. A denim quest which is not dissimilar to the fashion equivalent of cave woman hunting and gathering for the modern fashionista.

So grab your Gucci handbag and favourite silk shirt and buckle yourself in for a wild denim adventure. Yee-haw!

They call me The Jean Queen.


Cropped or 7/8 jeans:

So many tall women tell me they “can’t wear cropped jeans”.

I’m here to say that yes, you absolutely can.

Don’t be scared of them. Cropped jeans show off your shoes and creates a look which is friendly, casual and chic.

Cropped look amazing on a long leg.


I own so many jeans but they are all different. Over the years I’ve collected white, black, dark blue, button detail jeans, distressed, hipster and mid-rise.

Be adventurous. Get a pair with one little rip or a little fraying on the edges (this always looks good).

Recently my mum (who is in her 60s) put on some ripped jeans that she bought ages ago.

The rips in them were huge and the look was really distressed and 90s boy band. I immediately found her a chic new pair of jeans, ones that really suit her, and explained that as a rule of thumb it’s best to try and avoid really big rips and overly distressed jeans.

People shop with me because I always tell the truth and don’t let women leave my boutique with items that don’t suit them. So while that might be quite a controversial thing to say in this blog, I have to be true to fashion and you.


A lot of women ask me, “Can I still wear hipster jeans?”.

Yes! And the brand, Frame, make the best hipsters! They are hipster in style, but they are just that tad bit higher which eliminates the unwanted muffin top look and feeling. They are so soft!

They are called ‘Frame’ because they frame your body.

They expand as you put them on and they fit your body.

It’s like putting your legs in a picture frame.

...I love that for you.

How to style your jeans in day to day life

· Day look: A cool tee and an Italian sneaker

· Cool weather look: Wear with a jumper/sweater, ankle boots or a knee high boot

· Night time chic: Wear a beautiful silk camisole and heels

Add a belt to all of the looks above.

If your jeans have no hip or front button detail a good belt is a must-have.

A cool belt, in a neutral colour will take your look to the highest of heights.

Jean Faux Pas + Quick Fashion Fox Fixes

Jean Faux Pas #1: Collecting bootleg jeans that retail for $100 - $200

Note: See how these bootleg jeans give me a bad line. While they are cosy and hide my figure, I don't feel good in them and they make me look short and larger than I actually am.

Why? Because you’re better off buying one single perfect pair for around $500. I see women collecting 5 and 6 pairs of this bootleg jean.

Fashion Fox Fix: Spend the funds on one perfect pair and love them forever. When you reach for them you know you’ll look and feel excellent every time. Think long term and do it for future you.

Jean Faux Pas #2: Flared jeans

Fashion Fox Fix: Unless it’s 1972 and your name happens to be Cher (with no surname) please do yourself a rock-solid fashion favour and avoid flares. There is a life after love and it’s a life without flared jeans. Rock on.

Jean Faux Pas #3: Wearing baggy saggy jeans to ‘cover my body shape’

Why do we do it? We are trying to essentially hide our body. We want to be comfortable and look ‘okay’ enough to walk out the door. I see so many women wear loose fitting jeans paired back with a loose fitting top. Visually it makes the figure look like a square and makes us look bigger than our actual size.

Aesthetically it gives us a really slack line and does nothing to boost our mood or energy for that day. Wearing ill fitting, comfortable, baggy saggy jeans gives us baggy saggy confidence. Wearing them means we will have an ‘okay’ day.

Fashion Fox Fix: Get ready because I’m about to rock your world. Skinny jeans will make you look smaller. Just like a good personal trainer, skinny jeans will sculpt you! They will support you and hold you ‘in’. If you get a pair with a nice amount of elastane they will be extra comfortable too! You will look incredible and have an incredible day. And you feel slim because you have to go down a size hahah whoo whoo!!!

What jeans should I buy?

If in doubt opt for a high waisted pair of jeans with button detail. Button detail does so much for the line and feeling. It makes me squeal with excitement! I adore jeans with buttons on either side of your hips with another trail of buttons at the front, middle. Why? They make us look taller and smaller. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Not to mention how comfortable they are! Pair with a white sneaker, a chic heel, or comfy pair of wedges or an ankle boot. And off you go!

When it comes to jeans, you get what you pay for.

A proper pair of jeans (the ones you can wear all the time for the rest of your life) should cost between $350 - $550. Before you click off this blog and hate me forever, just remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to denim.

Jeans are such an everyday fashion piece that we can easily forget that they are in fact an important investment piece.

Let me explain: The money is in the fabric.

You want jeans that mould to your figure, stretch and warm up (but not too much that they become slack) and essentially support and hold your body.

Hitting that cosy yet supportive zone is key. So, open your wallet because you get what you pay for.

Fashion Fox Jean Wardrobe Check List

Every woman needs the following jeans in their wardrobe (Invest in these and collect them over time, no pressure)

· White jeans

· Light blue jeans with side button detail

· Dark blue jeans with side button detail

· Dark blue jeans with gold buttons at the front (centre)

· Black hipster jeans

Cleanse your denim wardrobe

Its time to say farewell to the baggy fitting, boot leg, overly ripped, loose jeans in there. Get them out, donate them to charity, and go get your perfect pair.

One incredible pair that make you look and feel unstoppable is better than a whole wardrobe of old jeans that ‘past you’ bought.

You deserve to look and feel good every single day. Starting right now and always, into the future. I love that for you.

Thank you so much for spending Tuesday night with me. Did you enjoy this blog? Let me know by subscribing and leaving a comment.

Fashion Fox Fans, our next blog post will be on Tuesday, January 5th 2021.

I am upgrading my physical boutique (we are moving to a new store which is 3 times the size!) and I am making the transition into a beautiful online store too. With this comes Christmas season trade, big school commitments which I am supporting my son through (he's swimming at national level which means a lot of early mornings for me). As though all this isn't enough, I have also have a fashion and lifestyle YouTube channel in the works. I pinch myself sometimes and can't believe the 12, 14 and 17 hour days are all paying off. I get the mum guilts sometimes because I feel like I don't spend enough relaxation quality time with my son. Then I remember he's a teenager and doesn't feel like hanging out with me right now because it isn't cool anymore. Sometimes, I go home, and when the timing is right we watch a movie together and have really great chats like we use to when he was younger. And it gives me that energy to keep going and working hard for us. I also really want to impress my social media manager. She works with so many influencers and big brands who really bring their A-Game all year long. I want to be able to say that I am right up there with everyone else walking the talk with ambition, organisation and dedication Finally, we both want to ensure the quality of the blog stays true. By this I mean we generate fresh, relevant and useful content with every single blog. It's a lot of work but I enjoy it with all my heart because I know that at the end of the day it helps you. Thank you for joining my community and being part of the Fashion Fox Family.

If you'd like to see the emergence of my online boutique (coming 28th February 2021) you can easily subscribe by clicking here

I can't wait to see you all next year. In the meantime, feel free to follow me at @misshenryboutique or @the_fashion_fox_ Love you and your company so much, The Fashion Fox aka Nicole xx

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